Who we are

Philipp Gramlich Karin Bodewits

Philipp Gramlich and Karin Bodewits, founders of

We are both scientists with PhDs (chemistry and biology). Together, we run a company that helps scientists communicate their work. When we moved to the Netherlands in 2020, we realized that we could have a major impact on the climate crisis by pushing for a ban on garden peat – a topic that appears to be a blank slate in public perception. We believe that our background in science, science communication and entrepreneurship will enable us to find ways to really make a difference. We base our statements on scientific evidence and discussions with growers, scientists, potting soil producers and many more. 

Joost van Beek

Joost is  retired. For many years he was a manager at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. He is now secretary of the Alphen landscape fund and chairman of the Beekenbos foundation.